Jehoahaz, the king of ephemeral reign

Time is short… do you know that?

A French children’s song starts with the words put in the title. Jehoahaz did not know that his time was going to be short, and we do not know how long we have. But as this children’s song says, we know that time is short and that Jesus is coming back soon!

We mentioned, concerning the reign of Amon, that tomorrow does not belong to us. Here we see that our days are short. “So teach us to number our days, that we may acquire a wise heart” (Psalms 90:12). Jehoahaz reigned for three months, and the rest of his life was nothing but captivity.

Jehoahaz made a bad use of the short time he had. May we make good use of the time that we have now, being “filled with the full knowledge of his will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, so as to walk worthily of the Lord unto all well-pleasing, bearing fruit in every good work, and growing by the true knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:9-10).

What are we going to do with the time we have?

This new video presents three lessons learned from the events that occurred during Jehoahaz’s reign.

Josiah, the king committed with all his heart

Like father, like son … really?

Perhaps many people were wondering what sort of king this 8-year-old boy would be when he ascended his father’s throne. Because when your father’s name is Amon, and he has just been murdered by his servants, and your grandfather’s name is Manasseh, it does not take much to raise questions. Those who were still pious among the people probably had reasons to worry. Maybe that led them to pray for their young sovereign.

Not only Josiah did not fit into what we could consider a family reputation, but quite the contrary, he still remains today a remarkable example of zeal and piety towards God. It reminds us of two things:

—First, we must be careful with appearances and generalizations. When we look at someone, we should not try to see their family or their parents or grandparents. But we must see the person for what he is. God works in everyone’s life and we see in Josiah that no matter the background, He can do wonderful things, all to the glory of His name!

—Next, even with the best privileges and the best education, someone could turn away from God. Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, is a very good example of that. The point is this: everyone is responsible to God for his own choices.

Let us seek the spiritual good of one another, young and old, for the glory of God, encouraging us and helping us to grow at the image of our Lord Jesus, “and by so much the more as ye see the day drawing near” (Hebrews 10:25).