And Our Present Activity

The coming of the Lord

We are waiting for the Lord’s coming. What does that mean for us practically? What if this year was the year of His coming? Would that influence me? What would I do? This presentation suggests three important suggestions in this regard.

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  • 06:03 We Are Waiting for the Lord’s Coming
  • 08:18 Watch
  • 08:38 —The Lord invites us to watch
  • 10:19 —Watch what?
  • 10:28 ——To have communion with the Lord
  • 17:37 ——Our activities
  • 19:48 ——What we occupy with
  • 21:47 ——Not to get caught up with life
  • 22:55 ——Our house
  • 26:42 —Plan and execute
  • 35:20 —Be ready
  • 50:39 When Does the Lord Comes?