Practical lessons on

the kings of Judah

The king who lacked wisdom
Here is the first video of this very first series of practical lessons on the kings of Judah. Rehoboam! We see a great contrast between him and his father, Solomon.
The king with great pretentions
Abijah was doing what seemed right from a religious point of view. He had the right kind of worship, everything was in order, but was the heart really there?
The king who started well
This new video quickly presents the highlights of the reign of Asa and three lessons for us.
The king with bad associations
In this new video we see the great events of the reign of Jehoshaphat and three practical lessons for us.
The king who was not regretted
Jehoram’s reign was only 8 years. Why only 8 years? It is very short for all the trouble he caused in Judah, and for all the miseries that befell him.
The king who was badly advised
Ahaziah was born into a family whose father did not follow his father’s ways. The environment in which he grew up was spiritually wicked.
The king who wanted to please others
There is much to learn from Joash’s character; but one particular thing emerges from his reign: it is his radical change of attitude after the death of Jehoiada.
The king who turned away from the Lord
Amaziah chose to do things his own way, after having experienced the help of God. When a prophet was sent to him from the Lord to make him realize the absurdity of what he was doing, Amaziah made it plain that he had better keep quiet.
The king who became leper
The apostle John takes great care to write to young people not to love the world or the things that are in the world, including the pride of life. We see the ravages of the pride of life with Uzziah.
The king who learned his lessons
No bad things are mentioned concerning the reign of Jotham, despite what happened during his reign.
The king who gave himself up to evil
Uzziah and Jotham had worked to build cities in Judah, to equip the army, and to build war machines. All these things were impressive, but we see that even the best preparations, without God, are useless.
The king who trusted in the Lord
At his death, Hezekiah was buried “in the highest place of the sepulchers of the sons of David; and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem did him honor” (2 Chronicles 32:33).
The king who provoked the Lord
If Hezekiah, the father of Manasseh, was an example of godliness, Manasseh did quite the opposite.
The king who multiplied his sin
Manasseh repented towards the end of his reign. But unfortunately the damage was done, not only among the people, but in his own home, in his children.
The king committed with all his heart
Not only Josiah did not fit into what we could consider a family reputation, but quite the contrary, he still remains today a remarkable example of zeal and piety towards God.
The king of ephemeral reign
Jehoahaz did not know that his time was going to be short, and we do not know how long we have. Jehoahaz made a bad use of the short time he had.
The king who rebelled
In Jeremiah 22:13-19, a very vivid, but dramatic, description of Jehoiakim’s reign is given to us.
The king who surrendered
We have very little information concerning the reign of Jehoiachin; if we can call it a reign, for in fact Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city of Jerusalem. But the name of Jehoiachin comes up several times in the Word, being linked to several events.
The king dominated by others
One thing is striking in the character of Zedekiah: it is his inconsistency.