The king who provoked the Lord

(The video is in French, with English subtitles available.)

Manasseh, an extraordinary demonstration God’ grace

If Hezekiah, the father of Manasseh, was an example of godliness, Manasseh did quite the opposite. Murder, blood, gross idolatry, nothing is missing on his “curriculum vitae” in terms of sin, both towards God and towards men. And since he was king, who would stop him? Well, God did it, but not as we would have done or imagined.

When was Manasseh taken prisoner?

Some think it was about midway through his reign, others in the last few years.

Why was he taken to Babylon by the Assyrians?

Most likely because it happened when the king of Assyria had just taken Babylon, about ten years before the end of the reign of Manasseh.

Why was he released?

The clemency of the king of Assyria? Not only: we read that God listened to the prayer of Manasseh. That’s the real story! It was God working in the background to bring this king to repentance, for our Saviour God “desires that all men should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4).

Here are three lessons taken from the reign of Manasseh.

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