The king who was not regretted

(The video is in French, with English subtitles available.)

Jehoram has suffered much

Jehoram’s reign was only 8 years. Why only 8 years? When we take the time to think about all that is described of his reign, 8 years is very short for all the troubles he caused in Judah, and for all the miseries that have happened to him.

We tend to remember two things about him. First, that he died in cruel sufferings. What a striking and unique expression! (The other who comes closest to it is in Matthew 17:15.) And, the height of misery, we read that he departed without being regretted! This is the second thing we remember about him.

Why all this? Was it avoidable? In this new video, we will remember three practical lessons for us that also answer these questions.

A little note: In the video it talks about 42 brothers of Ahaziah. In 2 Chronicles 22:8 we learn that they are the sons of the brothers of Ahaziah (thus Ahaziah's nephews). This detail escaped my attention at the time of recording.

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